Anthony Anthony

    How I can help you

    We can talk about practical things (like: learning to budget or preparing a CV) as well as things which are more difficult to put your finger on - such as being more confident, finding a quiet head space, learning how to assert yourself without being aggressive, challenging yourself to do better and achieve more. Sometimes it's just really good to have someone to listen and sometimes it's good to take some action to try to sort things out.

    What to expect

    A good listener, some questions to help you think about things, some time for reflection, and some practical things that can be done to improve your situation - and I'll ask you for some feedback on me to make sure I know whether our time together is well spent for you.

    About me

    Hello - I'm Anthony, I've Greek Italian Maltese parentage but was born in Wales. I ran away from home at 18 and have lived in London ever since. I've been lucky enough to work in lots of different countries though I only speak English! I was in Theatre/Arts for a long time but have also worked in corporate business, coaching people on communication and management skills. I've been a mentor with AKT for over 15 years and worked with several young people in long and short term mentor relationships. I get a lot out of working with and learning from all the young people I meet and see supporting people as a really important part of who I am.

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